Pacifiers are more important than originally thought

First time parents quickly realize just how important pacifier are to babies. Children have a natural instinct at birth to suck. When a pacifier is provided to them then the baby can satisfy their natural suck reflex.

Parents use pacifiers because it give the child comfort and some much appreciated quiet in the house. However, pacifiers are much more important then soothers then give parents a little rest. This is one of the reasons why parents realize that soothie pacifiers now need clips so they never have to worry about losing the pacifier or leaving it behind. One of the top brands of these soother pacifier holders is Rezkin. Checkout the Rezkin Facebook Page here.

Pacifiers Prevent SIDS


Shockingly, pacifiers have been tied to preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or (SIDS). SIDS is when a child dies while sleeping with no clear indicator as to why. It isn’t known what causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome but studies clearly indicate that providing a child with a pacifier when they go to sleep will reduce their chance of SIDS by more than half.

Other factors that help decrease SIDS from occurring include laying the child on their back when they sleep, making sure the baby sleeps alone, and sleeps without a blanket. It is important to not that boys are between 2 – 4 months are the most at risk of this happening. Formula fed babies are also more likely to have SIDS occur then breastfeed babies.