What to do in Jakarta

Bounded to the south by the little Bogor Hills in addition to the north through the Java Sea, Indonesia’s capital Jakarta has continually been the emphasis of the country’s altering political scene.

Jakarta is the most crowded city of the state and extents above 661 square kilometer in the north java. It has emerged as a gorgeous tourist destination as the town boosts attractive tourist spots.

Room and accommodation amenities in the capital have continually been cheap plus reasonable. Jakarta rooms and hotels are situated at prime location in addition to be marked with beautiful facilities.

Don’t worry about what to do in Jakarta, there are many Jakarta Points of Interest which would definitely captivate you. The capital has certain of the premium museums of the south East Asia. Your journey will continue incomplete if you fail to stopover the Wayang Museum, the Maritime Museum in addition to the National Museum. The top 3 traveler spots of the city –

The Jakarta National Museum

Jakarta National Museum

The National Museum of Indonesia is one of the finest places to visit if you want to experience Indonesia tourism and determine the antique heritage, historic particulars, anthropological development or else the archaeological minutes. In simple terms, National Museum of Jakarta is an ethnological, archaeological, past and geographical Indonesian gallery.

The museum has been preserving the antiquity of the state for the last two centuries. It has a group of 61, 6000 anthropological in addition to prehistoric artifact. The museum also increases a big collection of Textile, Ceramics, Bronze, Ethnography, Stone sculpture in addition to Numismatics. Visitors furthermore get to see further than 1, 00,000 cultural object, and henceforth make their journey worthwhile.

The Jakarta Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo has continually been a must visit in the listing of all the travelers. The zoo is spread over a big area of 10 hectors plus exhibits more than 550 classes of steamy plants clubbed with crudely 3000 creatures from the state and the respite of the world. Persons from all the angles of the world fly to the capital to get the large diversity of animals of the zoo.

You could see animals like Java tiger, wild ox, banteng, Komodo Lizard, anoa and numerous vibrant vibrant birds. The zoo is visited by approximately three million companies each year. Ragunan Zoo could be found outside the south boundaries of the city, in addition to is a 10 acre possessions that is distributed in to natural homes for the flora plus fauna that live in the zoological gardens. A blend of endangered class and erratic and delightful animals could be seen at this famed tourist attraction in Jakarta.


Glodok is a portion of the city which is usually speak to as Chinatown. This place is branded with customary small shops, bizarre restaurants, and numerous houses in addition to small streets. If you are attentive to purchase cheap electronic products, hardware plus varied Chinese innovation merchandise, then there might be no improved place than this.

Jakarta is just a spectacular place which could be visited all the year round. The place has the faultless mixtures of architecture plus culture and is frequently described as a blend of New Delhi plus Bangkok. It has continually been a representative of Indonesian antiquity and culture. The trips to Jakarta are always over booked as companies from all crossways the world make previous reservations to realize the captivating friendly city in addition to the finest sights of south East Asia.